2.2 Manage department members

Add department members

If the department has no members, you can directly add members to the department through the interface buttons below.

If the department has members, you can add department members by clicking Add members.

Add members

To add members to a department, click Add members, select users and confirm. Users may belong to other departments or not belong to any departments. https://dragonsoft.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/GXDOCSPACE/pages/2006614478

Move in from other departments

If you want to move members from other departments , click Move in from other departments, select users or departments (witch means all the members of this department will be moved), and click Confirm.

Note: In this way, moved members will be removed from their previous department. If the moved user belongs to more than one department, you can only move it from one designated department.

Edit member information

Click Edit in the operation column of the employee list (displayed when the mouse hovers) to enter the Edit Member interface.

You can also click the member's name, enter the Member View interface, and then switch to the edit mode by clicking Edit.

You can modify the attributes of the employee, click Confirm to save modification.

When the employee belongs to multiple departments, you can operate in the extended menu of the designated department to change the main department. 

Remove a member

Click Remove (displayed when the mouse hovers) in the operation column of the employee list to remove the member from this department.

Import Members

You can manage Orgwise members and Jira users

For a department without members, open the import guide through ··· > Import Members.

For a department with members, open the import guide through Import/Export > Import Members.

Download the template according to the interface instructions, fill in the employee information to be imported, and then upload the edited template file.

After the file uploaded, the results of import will be shown.

If the importing data include changes of Jira user, then you should confirm those actions in the step, including creating new Jira users, modify the active/deactive (on job/off job) status of Jira users (Orgwise members), update email or full name of Jira users. All those actions above need the permission of User Management of Jira.

You can confirm at most 100 actions at one time.

To create Jira users, you will be asked to set the default password for new users. If left blank, new users will recieve an email to help them set their passwords.

Fail reasons will be shown if failed.

Batch add members to department

If Orgwise detects users who do not belong to any department, it will be prompted at the bottom left of the main interface. Managers can assign departments to these users by clicking the "Relation" button.

You can filter active users for batch department allocation by unchecking "Show inactive members".