2.10 Team

Team in Orgwise

In order to improve the flexibility of personnel management, Orgwise provides the function of team. Different from department, team has no affiliation, and you can select any JIRA user as its member. It provides a new filtering and statistical dimension for reports.

Permissions of team

  • Team administrators: They can view, edit and delete all teams, create and copy teams.

  • Ordinary users: They can only view their own teams.

  • Users with Manage Teams permissions: They can view, edit and delete their own teams.

Team administrators

In Global permissions of Jira, grant permission Team Administrators to a user group, and all users under this user group will have the team administrator permission.

View and manage teams

View Teams

Enter OrgWise > Team.

Click View.

Create and edit a team

The team interface displays corresponding operation buttons for users who have permissions to create and edit teams.

Click the Add or Edit , fill in team name, members, reletive projects, description in the window, and click Confirm.

Copy a team

Team administrators with the permission to create teams can create a new team by copying an existing team, click the Copy button of any team, edit the information in the window, and click Confirm.

Delete a team

Team administrators can delete a team by clicking Delete if it is never used.