2.9 Department change records

How to display the working hours for members or departments whose departments have changed in reports?

For example, an employee joined department A on January 1, and is transferred to department B on April 1, and then is transferred to department C on June 1. Then the work log of this employee shall belong to:

January 1 - March 31: Department A.

April 1 - May 31: Department B.

June 1 - now: Department C.

In this case, Orgwise records the change history of members and departments for users to query and modify.

Query and modify department change records

Select OrgWise > Department change records.

Query change records

On the department or member tab, enter the name to find the its existing change record (up to 10 candidate results can be listed). Click the arrow button on the right of a department or member to expand the corresponding change record list.

Add a change record

In the department or member tab, click Add, fill in the new change record information (a certain member/department is moved out of a certain department on a certain date), and click Save. Change record will not affect the current department.

Modify a change record

In the department or member tab, click Edit in the expanded information panel, modify the effective time of the change and the original department information, click Save.