WorkflowWise - Parallel Approval and Workflow Extension

WorkflowWise - Parallel Approval and Workflow Extension is a JIRA plugin that contains two main functions: Workflow Extension and Parallel Approval.

Things to know about WorkflowWise


1. You can implement parallel approval with multiple people and multiple nodes

        It is only necessary to associate status requiring approval through a simple configuration, and then you can quickly approve it on the issue page; at the same time, the three push reminder methods of email, WeCom (WeChat Work) and Slack greatly improve the timeliness of approval; after the approval, there is an independent approval history page to trace approval records and comments.     

2. You can extend and refine your workflow with enhanced workflow capabilities

        18 workflow functions have been added, which can greatly improve your workflow. At the same time, it supports groovy scripts and can customize the development workflow functions.

3. You can use JQL Function to quickly locate a specific approval issue

        Around the approval process, we provide 6 JQL functions for you to query and locate specific issues

  4. If you need help, please let us know in the comments or email.

Quick Start Guide 👇

  1. Quickly configure the approval process : Parallel ApprovalRule SettingApproval

  2. Quickly add workflow features :Workflow Extension


If you need a trial, please download it from Atlassian Marketplace via the link below and click on Try it free to apply for a trial license