2.8 Grant project permissions to departments

What is granting project permissions to departments ?

JIRA system can grant project permissions to users, groups, project roles, the assignee, the reporter, and users corresponding to a certain user-picker field or group-picker field. Pemissions include Browse Projects, Edit Issues, Add Comments, etc.

OrgWise extends the department type for schemes. Administrators who can edit the project permission scheme can grant project permissions to a designated department.

For project administrators who cannot edit permission schemes, OrgWise provides another way of adding the department to project roles.

In this way, there is no need to modify the permission scheme when the department personnel change.

Grant project permissions to departments

As shown in the above figure, in the interface of editing project permission scheme, click the Edit button of a permission. The following window pops up.

Select Department, pick one department from the list and click Grant

As shown above, all members of IT will have the permission to browse projects.

Add a department to a project role

Click Project Settings > Departments and roles.

Click Add departments to a role, fill in the department and role. "Department" and "Role" are required.

Quickly add departments to roles 

Click the drop-down box of any department role to directly add or delete its project role. The drop-down box always leave at least one role in it. If you need to remove all roles of the department, click Delete.

Clear the roles of a department

Remove the department from all roles of the project.