2.5.3 Slack Setting


For details on Slack Setting, please refer to the next page.


        You need to connect JIRA to Slack workspaces by customizing Slack applications, as described below. You must be a Slack workspace administrator.

Step 1: Create a custom Slack application

Navigate to https://api.slack.com/apps. Be sure to log in as the Slack administrator user for the workspace you are connecting to. Click "Create an App" (if you already have another App, the "Create New App" button will appear) :


Select "From Scratch" and enter details:

  • Application name: This will later show up as the sender name of the Slack reminder. We recommend “Workflow Parallel Approval”.

  • Develop a Slack workspace: Select the one you want to use.

After entering details, click "Create App" :


Step 2: Configure the Slack application

Scroll down to the Show Information section and upload an icon for your application. We recommend using the official Workflow Parallel Approval icon:



Scroll up to the "Add features and functionality" section, and then click on the Bots tiles to add "Bots " functionality to the app:



Click "View Range to Add" to add the desired range:


click“Bot Token Scopes > Add OAuth Scopes”:


Add the following ranges:

  • chat:write

  • users:read

  • users:read.email



Step 3: Install the Slack app

Click “Install to Workspace” at the top of the page:



Step 4: Enter the token in Jira

Copy the displayed OAuth token by clicking “Copy”:



On the navigation bar, choose “Manage your apps”under “Apps” to enter the “Manage apps” page. On the left title bar of “Manage apps”, select “Workflow Parallel Approval Rules” to enter the Workflow Parallel Approval Rules page. Click the “Notification Setting” Tab and choose “Slack Setting” to go to Slack Setting. Paste the copied Token into the Slack Token field and click the "Save" button.



Slack template is configured successfully! (It comes with a default Slack template that can be automatically modified if needed)


        Note: To verify that the configuration is successful, click the "Test" button to send a test message to Slack users.