2.5.1 Email Setting

For details on Email Setting, please refer to the next page.


    When configuring mail, make sure "outgoing mail" is on. The administrator logs into the JIRA system, click the gear in the upper right corner, select "system" and enter the system page. Select "outgoing mail" in the title bar on the left side of the "system" page to enter the "outgoing mail" interface and enable "outgoing mail".



Select "Apps" under "application" in the navigation bar to enter the "Apps" interface, select "Workflow Parallel Approval rules" in the left title bar of "management application" to enter the "Workflow Parallel Approval rules" interface. Click the "Notification Setting" tab and select "Email Setting" to enter the "Email Setting" interface.



Click the "Save" button, and the email template is configured successfully! (The default mail template is provided, which can be modified automatically if necessary.)