2.1.1 View, Group by, Filter

1. View

Three view modes including "My WorkSpace", "Team" and "Filter" are supported:

  • My WorkSpace: Default mode, view your personal working hours in this mode;
  • Team: View the working hours of all team members in a team;
  • Filter: Query issues based on filter conditions to view the working hours of these issues, including issues without any plans and logs;

2. Group by

issue is included by default in “Group by”. In addition, three grouping conditions of "project", "user" and "filter" are supported:

Note: In the "Filter" view, there is only the "Issue" queried based on the filter conditions, other grouping conditions are not supported.

3. Filter

Four filter conditions of "Project", "User", "Issue" and "Filter" are supported:


  • General users can only view their own working hours, and cannot filter to view other users' working hours. Only users who have the permission to view other users' working hours can filter users;

4. Record the last condition

When the user leaves the "Time sheet" page, the user's last query conditions, including view, filter conditions, and group conditions, will be automatically saved. When the user visits this page again, it will automatically restore the last selected conditions.