2.5 Quick Log From Plan

1. Introduction

This feature allows the app to directly generate work logs from the work plans. Users can make adjustments on the Converting Plans to Logs page, by editing hours worked, adding a description, etc. Users can choose to submit a single item or bulk submit.

2. Application

As shown in the figures below, this feature can be used from the Time Sheet main page, the “Work plan popup”, and the Issue view.

  • Time Sheet Main Page

  • Work Plan Popup

  • Issue View Page

Click Quick log from plan, a window will pop up:


  1. By default, query plans within the same date range as Time Sheet page, and the time range can also be customized. The maximum query interval range is 1 month;

  2. Plans that have never been converted to log are displayed by default. You can also switch to viewing plans that have been converted or all plans. There will be a sign in front of the converted plans;

  3. The pencil icon indicates that these columns can be edited, and the editable columns include the following:

    • Remark

    • Approver (If project hours approval has been enabled)

    • Work Type (If project work type scheme has been enabled)

    • Actual Log Date

    • Actual Time Spent

  4. Submit a single plan as or submit more in bulk;

2.1 Requirements for Quick Log From Plan

Each plan will be judged based on the conditions of the pending converted log. Only plans that meet the requirements will display the "submit" button. Otherwise, the reason for not converting will be displayed. The following figure takes the example of a resolved issue that cannot be logged:

In TimeWise Global Settings > Log Work, any plans do to meet any of the enabled configurations can not be converted to logs.

2.2 Overtime mode

If 'Overtime mode' is enabled in the TimeWise Global Settings, the excess working hours will be automatically marked as overtime hours when converting plans to logs.