2 WeCom administrator configuration

The configuration of the WeCom self built application is completed. Here, we need to remember the AgentId, Secret, and Enterprise Id of the self built application, which will be used in the future Confluence mobile configuration.
Configure the interface information of mobile service providers here, such as the self built application information of WeCom.

  1. Click on the mobile configuration in the WeCom for Confluence plugin.

  2. Click on the new option in the upper right corner and select the configuration side to add.

  3. WeCom Configuration Interface.

  4. Introduction to the page after saving the configuration.
    After saving the configuration, it will automatically synchronize the users in the current self built application (this may take some time...).
    After successful synchronization, click on "View User Information" to view the users synchronized from the mobile end.


  • After 12 hours of installation, this plugin will automatically synchronize self built application members for the first time. Afterwards, it will automatically synchronize every 24 hours.

  • If a new member is added to a self built application, it is necessary to perform a manual synchronization or wait for automatic synchronization that night.