6.2 Approver


Jira administrators can uniformly designate approvers for a certain type of user/group or a certain type of issue across projects. These approvers do not affect each other with the TimeWise Project Approver, and both have approve permissions at the same time.


2.1 Add approver

Click "Add" to pop up the approver adding window:

(1) Approver: select the user as the approver;

(2) Type: There are two types in total, one is to designate an approver for a certain type of user; the other is to designate an approver for a certain type of issue;

  • If you select "Assign approvers by user", you need to select "Submitters", then the working hours submitted by these "submitters" will be approved by "Approvers";

  • If you select "Assign approvers by issue", you need to select the “issue fields”, which is supported by issue type or custom single-select/multi-select drop-down fields, then the working hours of this type of issue will be approved by ”Approvers“;

(3) Project: The default applies to all projects, you can also choose the project independently;

(4) Timed approve: After opening, it will automatically approve the logs and plans that meet the conditions at the specified approve time point.

Note: The approvers added here will appear in the "Approver" at the same time as the project TimeWise Project Approver:

2.2 Edit approver

Click Edit icon to pop up the approver editing window, all options are the same as "Add approver".

2.3 Delete approver

Click delete icon to delete the approver.

2.4 Pending Approval Transfer

The main purpose is to transfer data that has not been approved by an approver to an delegated approver for review.

First, select the approver, delegated approver and peroid.


Approver: The following users will be included in the drop-down options, as shown in the figure below

  • The valid approver user under the project;

  • Users who are Inactive, have been deleted, or have no audit rights (there are working hours under this project that need to be audited by these users);

Delegated Approver: refers to the approver included in the current approver list.

Then, confirm. Eligible pending data will be displayed in the table. If there is no data that meets the requirements, you can return to the previous screen and retry. To make sure mail notification works properly, mail server parameter must be set in advance.

Lastly, transfer the unapproved data.