5. Cost

Cost is one of the top features of TimeWise. After the user has entered the working hours, we can calculate the cost through “Cost“, and compare the actual cost with the estimated cost, so as to realize the cost tracking of the project.

Two concepts of "account" and "order" are provided in “Cost”. By creating an account>>creating an order>>associating projects, the cost range of statistics can be determined.

What is Account?

If you are working on multiple projects with multiple clients, you can create an account for each client to manage all costs associated with that client. You can also use your own company as an account if your company is working on some internal projects.

What is Order?

Under one account, a collection of one type of projects can be used as an order, and one account can have multiple orders. An order can be a contract signed with a client or a product within your own company.

What is Project?

Namely Jira Project. An order can have multiple projects.