3.3 Data migration from Orgwise v3

Introduction of data migration

OrgWise for Jira 4.0.0 has upgraded the data storage of this plugin. Jira has ever installed OrgWise of versions before 4.0.0 should execute the data migration progress and will be lead to the data migration screen before getting started.

You can also enter the interface of Data Migration through > Manage apps > (ORGWISE) Data Migration.

Migration steps

Click Migrate Immediately.

  • If failed, failure details will be listed in the tables.

  • If successful, you will get the success info and the Migrate Immediately button will be disabled.

Migrated Data


  • Company name

  • Company ID 


  • Department name

  • Department ID

  • Parent Department


  • Employee name

  • Email

  • Jira User

  • Badge Number

  • Gender

  • Supervisor

  • Status

  • Phone

  • Dept

  • Role (Only role ADMIN and EMPLOYEE are remained in 4.0.0. All employees will be transmit to role EMPLOYEE except the ADMINs)