2.3 Work Type Scheme Configuration

1.Permission Required

To go to configuration in this section, you must be a Jira Admin. The side bar menu will not display to users without required permission.

2.Go to Configuration Page

Click TimeWise > Configuration > Work type scheme configuration

The Default Work Type Scheme, as well as the initial scheme in system, can not be deleted.


1. Add a Work Type Scheme

Click "Add" to pop up the window:

You can copy a scheme, and the work type of the copied scheme will be synchronized. or drag “Available work types” to “Work types for current scheme”, to customize the work types in the scheme. At the same time, you can choose whether to fill in the first work type by default when entering working hours.

2. View Work Type Scheme           

As demonstrated, Jira Admin can see work types in current scheme.


3. Edit Work Type Scheme

You can modify the Scheme Name, Description, Work types for current scheme.

4. Associate project

A work type scheme can be associated with multiple projects.

5. All projects associated with this scheme can be queried, and the association can be removed.


6. Delete Work Type Scheme  

  • The Default Work Type Scheme cannot be deleted.

  • Any scheme associated with the project cannot be deleted.

  • Scheme which is not associated with any project can be deleted.