2.3 Approve

Click the Approve button on Time Sheet page to enter the Approval page, all logs/plans waiting for approval from the current logged-in user will be displayed here, as shown below. The work logs in approval pending is displayed by default.

1. Log/Plan Switch

As shown in circle 1, switch work log/work plan to query the list of pending logs or plans for approval.

2. Conditional Query

As shown in circle 2, you can query by date range, project, issue and log recorder.

3. Select

As shown in circle 3, you can select all the logs/plans on the current page or all the logs/plans on a certain date.

4. Bulk Approve

As shown in circle 4, the bulk buttons will do the following:

  • Bulk Approval: After selecting one or more logs, click the [Approval] button to pass the selected logs. The dialog window is shown below.

  • Bulk Reject: After selecting one or more logs, click the [Bulk Reject] button to reject the selected logs. The dialog window is shown below.

Note: When using the bulk rejection function, you must fill in a comment.

5. Single Approve

As shown in circle 5, the single buttons will do the following

  • Approve: Click the [Approve] button to pass the log.
  • Reject: Click the [Reject] button to reject the log. You must fill in a comment for rejecting the log.
  • View Approval History: Click the [...] button on the far right to view the approval history of the log/plan. The dialog window is shown below:

6. Withdraw approved logs/plans

As shown in circle 6, approvers can withdraw logs/plans that have been approved by themselves.

Select the logs/plans and click "Bulk Withdraw" to batch withdraw the approved logs/plans, or click on the operation of  to withdraw a single log/plan.

When withdrawing, the comment is required:

After withdrawal, the log/plan returns to the draft status. If the author has enabled the corresponding event notification, they will receive the corresponding recall notification.