3.3.5 Send and Scheduled send report

1. Send report

You can send the report to the specified users via email, click "Send Report", and select the receiving user in the pop-up window to receive the report in the email. Excluded users will not receive email.

Note: The total data and detailed data of the report will be attached as 2 attachments in the email respectively.

2. Scheduled send report

If you need to generate reports on a regular basis, you can set a scheduled task, such as generating monthly reports, and checking whether the member's working hours are insufficient.

Click “Scheduled Sending“:

You can set the sending frequency. The remaining query conditions need not be set, and are consistent with the query conditions of the current report.
After the scheduled report is set, a green alarm will be displayed.

In the "Scheduling" column of the "My Reports" list, Scheduling information will be displayed.

At the set time, the data set in the Scheduled sending will be sent to the specified users.