3.2.11 Working Hours Check Report

1. Introduction

You can query the list of users who have not entered working hours or entered working hours less than one day in a period of time through working hours check report. A sample report is shown below:

2. Function

You can search by date, user, type, user status:

Date: Date range for checking

User/Team: Search users or teams

Type: Less than a day, not less at all , or all above

User status: Active by default, also, inactive is supported

2.2 Send reminder and Bulk reminders

Click "Send Reminder" to send a reminder to a single user, reminding him that the working hours have not been entered or are insufficient in this period; Click "Bulk Reminders" to send reminders to all the users in list, reminding them that the work hours have not been entered or are insufficient in this period.

2.3 Send report

You can send the report to the specified user, click “Send Report”, and select the receiving user in the pop-up window to receive the report in the mail.


2.4 Export report

Click the export button, and the drop-down boxes of ‘Select Excel’ and ‘Select Csv’ will pop up. The exported data is the data displayed after searching according to the filter criteria. Choose the type you need to export.

Note: If the user has entered working hours on a non working day, this non working day will also be checked for insufficient entry, and will be marked as a non working day in the column "Non-working day".