Estimated Time Report

Click "Estimated Time Report" to enter the report page, which displays the time data of each issue in detail, including the original estimated time, remaining estimated time, and actual working time, so that project managers can effectively grasp the progress of each work.

1、Query dimension

support querying issues by project or filter:

2、Define the display hierarchy

The default structure is Project>>Epic>>Issue, and you can also choose to combine versions, components, and Sprints.

Note: In the selected list, projects can only be listed first and issues can only be listed last.

3、Customize the columns to be displayed

Among them, “Time in Difference” and “progress” are columns extended by TimeWise, and the calculation rules are as follows:

  • Time in Difference = Original Estimated Time - Time Spent - Remaining Estimated Time

  • Progress = Time Spent / (Time Spent + Remaining Estimated Time) *100%

4、Export report

Support Excel and CSV format export