3.3.6 Export report

1. Introduction

In the upper right corner of the report details, click "Export" to export to xls, xlsx or csv.

When exporting “Work report” and “Team report”, you can choose:

  • Total:Export data according to the current query page

  • Details:Export all worklog details related to the current page, supporting customization of the fields to be exported

Click “Custom detail column export“ to set the fields to export:

  • We provide some fixed fields for users to check;

  • For the "Issue" field, users can choose system fields and custom fields by themselves. The custom fields support all the standard field types that come with the Jira system.

  • There is "User column extension" in the supplementary function, which is used to extend the field column of the user type.

  • After confirmation, the interface will remember the options used by the user for the user to export.

Note: When the field is used in"Group by", it cannot be selected in the "Custom Field columns".


The order of the field columns is displayed in the order of the fields from top to bottom and left to right in the "Custom exported columns" interface.

2. Work report export example



3. Team report export example



4. Rate and saturation report export example