2.1.10 Lock the past hours & log work additionally

1. Introduction

Lock the past work logs and plans. Users can not add, edit, delete, copy any work logs or plans of locked dates.

Note: Locking work log by day will exclude rest days. For example, working hours are locked by day and it is not allowed to operate on the working hours data before 1 day, If it is Monday today, then working hours from Friday and later can be operated, as Saturday and Sunday are rest days, so they will be excluded.

On the locked dates, additional logging work can be enabled. After enabling, users can apply for additional logging work on locked dates, which will only take effect after the application is approved, (not applicable to the plan).

2. Application

If additional logging work on locked dates is enabled, a prompt will be given whether to apply for additional logging work when you try to log on locked dates:

How to apply for additional logging work?

  • First, log work;


  • Second, select the approver and submit the application (the additional log must be approved before it can be counted as valid working hours);


  • Third, after successful submission, you can check the approval results at any time;


You can also enable notifications to receive approval results in a timely manner.

For more details with ‘Additional Logging Work’, please refer to https://dragonsoft.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/DAS/pages/2169536611