2.4 Indepth underStanding of the "Approvals Panel"

In the specified status of approval rule configuration, trigger the display of Approval Panel.


  1. Hover over the number of people to display the information of the currently pending, approved and rejected personnel

  2. Show approved rules (count/ percent)

  3. Approve action

  4. Reject action

  5. Approval History



After clicking "Approve":


When all of them are approved, it means that the current approval is completed and it will go to the next status. At this time, the approval panel only displays the approval history.


Note: when the number of approved persons is less than the total number of approved persons, the system will automatically judge whether the current person meets the approval qualification when approving. If so, the system will automatically jump to the action after approval.



Click “Reject”, you can choose whether to enter the reason for rejection.


Note: when the current person approves, the system will automatically judge whether the rejection qualification is met according to the total number of people and the set pass rules. If so, it will automatically jump to the action after rejection.



When the approver has approved but has not met the conditions for jumping to the next action, the approver can withdraw his approval result. Click "Cancel" to return to the status to be approved. (Note: Revoke reason is required)


After Revoke:



Each approver will generate an approval record after approval. Click history to view the approval records in all statuses under this issue:


  1. Current approval node

  2. After the final approval result comes out, you should jump to the post status

  3. Approved identification

  4. Identification of approval rejection

  5. The identification of this approval result being revoked. The mouse hovers to display the revocation time and reason

  6. Time of final result of this approval node

  7. The number of people who passed, rejected and unapproved the final result of this approval node

  8. Pass rules for final results of this approval node

  9. Identification of approval node expansion and collapse

When the user clicks Reject/Approve, the execution of the approval action is triggered, and a prompt is added.