2.5.4 Indepth understanding of the "Slack Setting"

Slack sending can be triggered by:

Click the "Slack" button to trigger, and when the “Manually Send“ switch is on, there will be a Slack icon in the Issue approval panel (as shown below). When clicking the Slack icon, the system will send Slack notifications to all unapproved approvers, and you can also send Slack notifications to designated approvers.

Function we provide

  • Slack templates can be customized

We provide a default Slack template, and you can modify the Slack template as your need.

  • A number of dynamic variables are provided for administrators to configure the template

          On the left side of the page, we provide a number of dynamic variables that you can apply to your Slack template to dynamically send Slack content for each approval.

  • Slack templates support resets

Click the “Reset” button below the template to reset the template to its original.


Note: If you need to use customfield variables in a Slack template, the variables can be in ${customfield name} and ${customfield_*****}

Example of sending Slack