Convenient Admin Toolkit for Confluence

Convenient Admin Toolkit for Confluence is a Convenient plugin for administrators.

It is mainly reflected in three aspects:

  1. Extend additional functionality for administrators, aiming to get more administrative work done with fewer actions.

  2. Some functions of the system administrator are delegated to the space administrator within the scope of authority, which reduces the pressure on the system administrator and improves the efficiency of the space administrator.

  3. Confluence REST-API extension for external calls

Things to know about Admin Toolkit


1. Space administrators can create user groups within their permissions and manage their members

        If the system administrator enables the space user group function, the space administrator can directly create dedicated user groups in the space and has the absolute management rights for these user groups.

    2. Administrators can multi-dimensionally clean up historical versions of pages, attachments, or blog

        This plug-in adds the function of clearing the historical content of the space for the system administrator and the space administrator respectively, enabling them to clear the historical version of pages, attachments and blog posts in two dimensions of time range and version number. The difference is that the system administrator can choose any space, while the space administrator can only clean up the historical content of the space he or she is in.

    3. The system administrator can view and authorize users and user groups in all Spaces in a unified page

        On the same page, the system administrator can view the permissions of a specified user or user group in all Spaces and add or remove permissions for them in batches.

    4. Extended multiple REST-API interfaces for third-party users to call freely

        Confluence fluence has a limited number of native REST-API interfaces, so this plugin is available for developers and third party users to use.

    5. If you need help, please let us know in the comments or email.

Quick Start Guide 👇

  1. If you are a system administrator:Space Tool PermissionsClear Tools (Global)Space Permission Management

  2. If you are a space administrator:Space GroupClear Tools (Space)


If you need a trial, please download it from Atlassian Marketplace via the link below and click on Try it free to apply for a trial license