1 About Automatic Status for Jira

For management needs, Jira users often splits or relates issues one to many. For example, a requirement must be bound to an epic, the requirement must be split into multiple tasks, and the task must be split into multiple subtasks. In such a scenario, we often encounter the following problems:

  • It's troublesome to change the corresponding requirements or epic status after completing the task.

  • The status of requirements is not updated in time.

  • You want to count the residence time of demand status, but it deviates greatly from the actual situation.

Automatic Status for Jira (AutoStatus) can easily solve the above problems. AutoStatus changes the status of issues automatically as the status of their linked issues changed. Association methods such as Epic Link, Subtask and Issue Link are all supported. After a simple configuration operation, JIRA issues can automatically change their status according to your logic.