2.3 Global watermark feature settings

  • Display watermark on all pages: Enabled by default. When enabled, each page will display the watermark by default. When disabled, no watermark will be displayed unless the current page's watermark is enabled manually.

  • Allow editors to turn on/off watermark of the page:  Disabled by default. If enabled, there will be a check box of “Display Watermark“ when editing a page.

  • Export to PDF with watermark: Enabled by default. When "Export to PDF" is selected, the exported PDF will contain the watermark displayed on the current page.

  • Disable Word exporting: Disables the "Export to Watermarked Word" option.

  • Export to Word with watermark: Enabled by default. Select the "Export to Watermarked Word" option, and the exported Word document will display the watermark of the current page.

  • Show watermark in attachment Preview: Enabled by default. When there is watermark in the page, the preview attachment also displays the watermark.

  • Export PDF or Word with extra watermark settings: It is on by default. When exporting a PDF or word file with watermark, the watermark content displayed on the file is determined by the additional watermark settings.

    When "Use global settings for all spaces" and "Export to PDF with watermark" are both enabled, tabs of PDF format layout and PDF format style in spaces will be hidden for space managers.