4 Q & A

1. According to the reminder date, there are 3 types of page reminder and table reminder:


Reminder in advance

By add reminder schemes.

Click the "Preview" button to view the end date of the reminder.


Punctual reminder

Default reminder scheme.

You will receive a reminder on the due date.


Keep reminding after due date

By check the "Keep reminding after due date" and set "Remind continuously for … days".

You can only receive reminders once per day.

And it will stop reminding after … days.


2. I am the task assignee, why can't I receive task reminders?

In Confluence tasks, only the first user to be @ is the task assignee.


3. Why is my task not reminded on the date mentioned in my task?

In Confluence tasks, only the first date filled in after “//” is the due date of the task.