2022-07-14 · 4.7.2 · New features and Improvements

New features:

  • Control the data permissions of organization.

  • New field type: Department of user. It integrates the functions of "Department of Assignee" and "Department of Reporter". It can also support User Picker (single choice) field to calculate and display the corresponding department. At the same time, it is allowed to set the department level to be displayed, which is only the direct department of the user in previous versions.

  • The level of organization tree displayed to users can be configured in the global configuration.

  • Some new V2 REST APIs.


  • Improved some V2 REST APIs.

  • When the user cannot visit the OrgWise page due to permissions, etc., friendly prompts the user how to deal with it.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed the bug of "Department levels displayed for members" in the global configuration could not select the level and user group.

User Manual



  • 管控用户对组织机构的数据权限

  • 用户所属部门字段。整合了“经办人所属部门”和“报告人所属部门”的功能,还支持自定义用户选择器(单选)字段,计算对应的所属部门并显示。同时允许用户设置想要显示的部门层级(在此前版本中仅能显示用户直属的最下级部门)。

  • 在全局配置中配置组织机构树对用户显示的层级

  • 新增部分 REST API V2


  • 完善了部分 REST API V2

  • 用户因权限等问题无法访问 OrgWise 页面时,友好地提示用户如何处理。


  • 修复了全局配置中“向成员显示的部门层级”无法选择层级和用户组的问题。