2022-05-09 · 4.6.5 · Improvements and Bug fixes


  • Speed up the process of synchronization from JIRA users to Orgwise members.

  • Now can pick departments from non-current organizations when modifying the change record of departments or members.

  • Added flag for deleted departments in the report page.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed an error of issue copy while using custom fields of department picker.

  • Fixed that custom fields of department picker can not be imported correctly from csv.

  • Fixed that selecting from the organization tree ignored the user filtering of user picker fields.

  • Fixed that selecting from the organization tree is not available for user picker (multiple users) in some versions of JIRA.

  • Fixed the data error of worklog report when filtered by team and grouped by department.

  • Fixed some errors when trying to move a department or a member and take effects in some future time.

  • Fixed an error of RESI API dispand department.

  • Fixed some errors of lacking validation of parameters in some REST APIs.

  • Fixed the vulnerability in org.springframework:spring-beans.



  • 全局配置中,同步用户性能优化

  • 修改成员或部门的变更历史记录时,可以选择所有公司下的部门了

  • 在报表查询中,为已删除的部门显示标记


  • 修复了部门选择器类型字段在issue复制时出错的问题

  • 修复了部门选择器类型字段在csv issue导入时不成功问题

  • 修复了用户选择器字段配置筛选条件后,从组织机构树选择用户的可选项异常问题

  • 修复了某些Jira版本中用户选择器(多用户)字段无法从组织机构树中选择用户的问题

  • 修复了报表查询条件选择filter By 团队 group by 部门时,工时查询不正确问题

  • 修复了试图移动部门或成员并在将来生效时出现的一些错误

  • 修复了v2版本REST接口解散整个公司时报错问题

  • 修复了部分REST API缺少参数校验的问题

  • 修复了org.springframework:spring-beans漏洞