2022-03-23 · 4.6.2 · Improvements and Bug fixes


  • Improved the query process for department tree and member list. Speed up.

  • Improved the loading process for organization tree, which is looking forward to better interface performance while too many departments and members exist.

  • Improved some REST APIs of version 2. For APIs using param ‘ID' for specific department, now can regard the value of department ‘NO.’ as 'ID’. Department NO. can not be consist of pure numbers any more.

  • Some new REST APIs.

Bux Fixes:

  • Fixed the bug of loading Create Issue dialog after button 'Open in dialog' clicked.

  • Corrected some text.



  • 优化了部门树和成员列表的查询过程,提高查询速度。

  • 优化了组织机构树加载方式,改善了部门、成员过多时的界面表现效果。

  • 改进了部分REST API v2。使用部门ID作为参数的接口现在可以将部门NO.视作ID使用了。追加了部门NO.设置限制,不允许NO.仅由纯数字组成。

  • 追加开放了一些REST API。


  • 修复了点击”在对话框中打开”按钮后,无法正常加载Issue创建窗口的问题。

  • 部分显示文字修正。