2022-01-26 · 4.6.0 · New features and Improvements

New Features:

  • New types of custom fields “Department Picker (Single)“ and “Department Picker (Multi)“ are available.

  • In project permission schemes, permissions can be grant to a “Department Picker” field which means all members of the field value (departments) will have the permission.

  • Detect users not belonging to any departments and guide administrator to edit their department info.

  • REST API: orgwise/2/department/allMembers


  • Custom fields of type “Department of Assignee“ and “Department of Reporter“ can be used in Gadgets and JQL searchers now.

  • Creating users during importing members will choose whether new users can access Jira Software or Jira Service Management.


  • 新的自定义字段类型“部门选择器(单选)“和”部门选择器(多选)”。

  • 项目权限方案中,权限可以授予给一个部门选择器类型的自定义字段,意味着字段值部门的所有成员会被授权。

  • 检测是否存在不属于任何部门的用户,引导管理员处理他们的部门信息。

  • REST接口:orgwise/2/department/allMembers


  • 类型为“经办人所属部门”和“报告人所属部门”的自定义字段可以在JQL查询以及一些仪表盘小工具中直接使用了。

  • 导入成员时创建Jira用户可选择是否授予其Jira Software和Jira Service Management的使用权。