2021-11-17 · 4.5.0 · New features and Improvements

New features:

  • Orgwise now can create member information for all active Jira users automatically.

  • You can maintain your organization members and Jira users at the same place in Orgwise.

    • Updating the active status of Jira users by editing a member’s status is available.

    • You can create new Jira users or update the email, full name or even active status of Jira users when importing members of departments. The guide of import will help you.

    • Members do not have the separate built-in attributes email and name any more. Email of Jira users and their full name will be displayed in exchange.

  • Departments get a new attribute “Assignee“ with two new post-functions: Issues can be assigned to current assignee’s main department leader or department assignee automatically.

  • New JQL function “Depts('department_name')“ is now available, returns members of given departments, including their sub-departments.


  • Optimized the member picker of member attributes.

  • Removed the step Create Employee.

  • Checkbox “Show members of sub-departments” is now available for member list of departments.

  • Removed role keys from UI.

  • Updated the templates of import/export departments or members.

  • Operations for new features are added in Orgwise Settings.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed the bug that select users from organization tree sometimes escaped from the limitations of Jira screen scheme and permission scheme.

  • Corrected some texts.


  • 组织机构现在可以为所有活跃的Jira用户自动创建成员信息了。

  • 可以在维护组织机构成员信息的同时管理Jira用户信息了。

    • 可以通过调整成员的在职状态控制Jira用户活跃状态。

    • 可以在导入部门成员时创建新的Jira用户或者更新用户邮件、全名、活跃状态等属性。

    • 成员不再拥有独立的邮箱和姓名内置属性,替换为显示Jira用户的邮箱和全名。

  • 新增部门属性“经办人”以及两个新的后处理:问题可以被自动指派给当前经办人所属部门的经办人或者负责人。

  • 新增JQL函数“Depts('部门名称')”,表示给定部门的所有成员,包含子部门成员。


  • 优化了成员属性里的成员选择器。

  • 移除了创建雇员步骤。

  • 为成员列表增加了勾选框“显示子部门成员”。

  • 从用户界面移除了角色Key。

  • 更新了部门或成员导入导出的模板。

  • Orgwise全局配置增加了新功能相关的配置项。


  • 修复了从组织机构树中选择用户有时会不受界面方案或权限方案限制的问题。

  • 部分显示文字修正。