2021-09-30 · 4.4.0 · New features and Improvements

New features:

  • Fields of image now can be added to users' info, for example to display a photo.

  • Added new attributes for departments: department type and description. Added new icons of departments for different department types.

  • Added an expandable panel in the Organization Structure screen for each department to display its information.

  • Added some open APIs for getting a specific JIRA user’s information, including extended user fields and its department details.

  • Added new JIRA custom field type “Departments of assignee“, ”Departments of reporter”. Fields of those types always displays the relative departments of issues. It could be helpful for exporting issues especially .


  • Improved the template for importing employees.

  • Exchanged the display order of departments and members belonging to the same department when picking users in a organization tree.

  • Improved the configuration process of user fields. Added some limitations to prevent from invalid configurations.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed the error that anonymous users were forcibly redirected to the login page in issue view screens.

  • Fixed the display error in the window of user field configuration.

  • Fixed the error of abnormal permissions when employee with multiple roles has a role without any permissions.

  • Fixed the problem of abnormal tree expansion when picking users in a organization tree.

  • Corrected some texts.


  • 扩展用户信息现在可以添加图片类型字段,可以用于展示人员照片等。

  • 部门信息扩展,增加了部门类型和描述,不同类型的部门采用不同的图标。

  • 组织机构界面中增加了可自由展开/收起的部门信息面板。

  • 开放了部分API接口支持用户扩展信息和组织机构信息的获取。

  • 增加了新的自定义字段类型”经办人所属部门“和”报告人所属部门“,即时计算部门信息,可以为在JIRA导出问题时提供对应信息字段。


  • 完善了导入雇员模板的数据示例。

  • 从组织机构树选取人员时,人员和部门并列时,顺序调整,人员显示在部门之后。

  • 扩展用户属性设置过程优化。追加了部分限制,减少无效配置出现的情况。


  • 修复了匿名用户会被踢出问题查看界面的错误。

  • 修复了字段配置窗口中会出现显示异常的问题。

  • 修复了雇员适用无任何权限的角色且适用多个角色时,权限异常的问题。

  • 修复了从组织机构树选取人员时,树展开异常的问题。

  • 部分显示文字修正。