2021-08-18 · 4.3.0 · New features and Bug fixes

New features:

  • Team comes. Now you can manage your members in a team, get reports group by team.

  • A user can belong to multiple departments now. There is a main department for each user. Switch main department will not be logged in change history.

  • New language pack - Japanese.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed the order of logs in user’s change history timeline .

  • Fixed the problem of role permission “OrgWise Settings“ unavailable.

  • Fixed some English translations.

  • Fixed the conflicts with ScriptRunner (Third party Marketplace app).

User manual:




  • 新增团队功能。可以使用团队管理成员,获取团队维度报表。

  • 用户可以属于多个部门。每个用户会有一个主部门,主部门的更换不会产生变更记录。

  • 新语言包 - 日语。


  • 修正了用户变更历史时间轴中记录的顺序。

  • 修复了角色权限”OrgWise全局配置“授予后无效的问题。

  • 修正部分英文翻译。

  • 修复了与ScriptRunner(第三方市场插件应用)冲突的问题。