End User License Agreement

The Agreement

The EULA is a legal agreement that the customer must agree to meet in order to use the Software and purchase it's license. The agreement is strictly between the customer and DragonSoft.  This agreement entitles your usage of our software and its conditions. Failing to meet these conditions will result in termination of the agreement and the granted license will be revoked. This agreement will bind customers who download our software either by purchasing a license or using the free trial. If the customer agreeing to the terms repents a company, said company is also bound under this agreement and violation of the agreement from any member of the company will be a violation to the company.

1. The Software

The software refers to the following: Users in Organization Structure App, Watermark for Confluence, Enterprise WeChat, TimeWise-TimeSheets and WorkLog for Jira. This agreement entitles customers to use of previously mentioned software.

2. License

Subject to the terms and condition of this agreement, DragonSoft hereby grants you a non-exclusive, and non-transferable license for the installation and use of the software for the license duration. The licence permits installation and use of software within Atlassian products under customers control. It is the customers responsibility to ensure that the Software is compatible with the Atlassian product and that the license is valid and compatible.

This license does not permit you to:

  • Edit or modify the the software as a whole or any part of the software and may not be combined with or used in correlation with any other software. The software may not be disassembled, or reverse engineered, nor should this be attempted.
  • Reproduce, copy, or distribute the software for commercial purposes. The licence entitles one copy of the software and thus reproducing or copying of this software shall not be attempted.
  • Use of software for purposes that DragonSoft sees to breach this agreement.
  • The software must not be used for purposes that violate any laws

Upon receiving this license the customer does not gain any authority or ownership of any aspect of the software and thus may not fabricate, modify, or distribute the software or the licence. Attempt to do so will violate the terms and conditions of this agreement.

3. Intellectual Property and Ownership

DragonSoft will be have sole ownership of the Software in whole.The software in all forms will be considered property of DragonSoft including any modifications or publications of the Software made. The customer will gain no partial or full ownership of the software upon being granted a license. All copyright and property rights that pertain to the software are reserved by DragonSoft as well as DragonSoft retains all rights, titles, interests, changes, including visuals, modifications to core software elements and all other intellectual property rights. DragonSoft also holds all rights to grant and distribute the Software to customers and other third party vendors.

4. Support

Upon receiving a license, the customer is entitled to use the DragonSoft's support services. As long as the customers license is active the customer is able to request aid relating to the software as well as use resources offered by DragonSoft. DragonSoft will actively provide support to customers who hold valid licenses. DragonSoft will not support customers if the software has been modified or tampered due to the violation of the terms and conditions of this document. Upon using the support services customers may be required to provide personal and confidential information for communication and support purposes.

5. Upgrades

Upon receiving a license, the customer is entitled to software upgraded throughout the duration of the license period. The upgrades will be available to the customer immediately on release and customers will have the ability to download and install updates during their license period. The customer may not update their software if their existing license has expired. DragonSoft will actively update their software and provide an abundance of new features for customers to access through updates. If the software has been modified or tampered with, the software may not be permitted an update due to violation of the terms and condition of this agreement. It is the customers responsibility to actively update and maintain software to keep their systems healthy.

6. Warranty

Upon receiving a license customers will be able to install the Software at their discretion. DragonSoft does not guarantee the quality or completeness of the software. The software is given as a out of the box software that can be used but will not have any replacement. Dragonsoft does not offer warranty on the software and its components. DragonSoft will actively provide support of of the Software and the resources to fix common issues but we will not provide replacement or refunds on Software failures. Dragonsoft is not liable for and Software failures as well as any issues that may arise with your Atlassian products. DragonSoft will not take responsibility for any delays, interruptions, and productions slowdowns that may occur due to the use of the software. We do not guarantee the quality, performance, usability, and availability of the software. We do not guarantee the software functionality and its usability but we will provide the appropriate support needed if issues arise.

7. Liability of Software

DragonSoft is not liable in any form, for any damage that may occur during the use of our software. Any loss, damage, cost, including loss of profit as well as loss of production time will not be the liability of DragonSoft. DragonSoft will not be liable for any failures to the software and or damage that is caused to the software. DragonSoft will not be liable for any information loss during the use of the software. Dragonsoft will not be liable for any liabilities pertaining to the software to the extent that they are permitted by law.

8. Termination

The terms and conditions of this agreement take effect at the point of first use of software. The terms and conditions of the agreements will be in effect through the duration of the use of the software. Uninstalling of the software will ultimately termination the agreement. Violation of any of the terms and conditions of the EULA will result in termination of the agreement. In such event, the licenses provide by DragonSoft will be terminated and the customer will agree to revoke his privilege to use the software. If non of the above events occur the EULA will not be terminated.

9. Third party Software

The customer must acknowledge that the software may use copyrighted software of DragonSoft's affiliates which are obtain using a license from said third party suppliers. All rights pertaining to third party software used by the software are held by the third party suppliers including all copy right and intellectual property rights.

10.  Fees and Payment

All fees and Payment as well as purchasing and downloading of software will be done through the order process at the Atlassian Marketplace.

11. Changes to the Agreement

DragonSoft may periodically update or modify the terms and condition of this agreement. Changes that greatly affect a customers rights and privileges will be notified. The terms of the new changes made to the agreement will be made valid for customers at the time of renewal of their respective license. Here the customer must agree to the new terms and conditions before renewing their license. If the customer chooses not to agree with the terms and conditions, then they can choose not to renew their license.