Privacy Policy


DragonSoft provides a number of software products that are available on the Atlassian Marketplace for you to use with your Atlassian products. We strive to providing user friendly apps that you can use to enhance your Atlassian products as well as we provide numerous support services to make your usage more pleasant.

Protecting your information and data is a high priority for us. We set string guidelines in order to ensure the safe handling of your information and data. This Privacy Policy will provide you details on the collecting and use of information collected by us from our apps and our support services. 

Information Collected:

The following personal information may be collected and processed by the company:

  • The information provided when purchasing our services:
    • Name
    • Email Address
    • Address
    • Phone Number
  • Information you provide through our service support
    • When using our support services such as raising a ticket, you will be asked to provide contact information for us to further aid you and contact you.
  • Content provides by you through our Services
    • When using our services you may be required post and provide sensitive content that may further help in providing support.
  • Our server applications will not store your personal information from your atlassian product’s local instance.
    • All data created or collected by you within your Atlassian product will be stored in said product and will not be accessed by company.
  • You may be asked to provide additional information that pertains to issues
    • When using our support you may be asked to take screenshots of your Atlassian products in which these screenshots may have confidential information.
  • Information provided upon purchase of our product or licence.
    • When purchasing our products or licences, Atlassian will provide us with basic information such as:
      • Name
      • Email
      • Licence details
    • For more information visit Atlassian Privacy Policy

Collection and use of data:

We will collect your information for the following reasons:

  • Communicate with you
    • We will ask for contact information to use to contact you as well as communicate with you while using our services to help to get the support you need.
    • Any confidential information that may be passed through communication within our support services will stay confidential and will not be used for company research or benefits.
  • To keep internal data records.
  • For statistics and for logging progress.
    • We are always trying to improve our services to be more beneficial for you. To accomplish this task we will collect and store how you use our services and what services you use more than others to help us improve our support.
  • To provide marketing updates for our products.
    • We may occasionally email you about product updates as well as advertise any new products that may be available.

Disclosing of Information:

All information collected is for internal use only and will not be disclosed to other suppliers or vendors. The data collected is for communication purposes as well as for creating company statistic and will not be disclosed outside of the company.

Keeping of Information:

We will be keeping information pertaining to contact info for record to communicate with you through our services. Information pertaining to the use of our services will be kept and used for analysis within the company. Any information regarding any issues will be logged by the company for future reference. Any other personal information you may offer will not be kept after the duration of the use of the service.

Information gathered by other sites:

When using our services, you may encounter content or services offered by other 3rd party supplier. By clicking on or navigating to such services, the terms of use and privacy policies for those 3rd party suppliers are in effect. We strongly recommend familiarizing yourself with their privacy policies and terms of use before providing information. We will not be monitoring any actions performed while using these services or viewing their content. We will not be be collecting information on usage of these services or on the content viewed.

Data Protection:

To protect your data we will not disclose your information to outside sources. The information will be used internally and stored within company resources.

Ending Subscriptions:

If you choose to end your subscription your personal data and information will be removed 6 months after the subscription end date.

Changes to Policy:

If any changes are made to our privacy policy we will notify you.